It’s time to do something with your dollars and cents.

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This past year I started paying closer attention to my money. Where it was going, how much there was, and what I was spending on. I decided I wanted to take control of my financial future, as trite as that sounds. Podcasts were an easy way for me to begin to educate myself and stay up-to-date. For some of the podcasts, I will listen to episode topics that interest me. For others, I listen to all of them regardless of subject matter. It comes down to who you enjoy listening…

A simple thing you can do to make your resume stand out

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When a recruiter or hiring manager looks at your resume, the first thing they look at is the top part of the page (you know, where your name is written in a large font that draws the eye). This header creates that crucial first impression about you as a candidate. Take advantage of the space and make a quick impact by stating what your specialty is.

Recruiters spend on average 5–7 seconds looking at a resume. You don’t want them to spend 5–7 seconds reading an unoriginal objective…

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Oomph. Bet you wish you realized this $15,000 and 4 months ago. But that’s okay. Here we are. You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last who doesn’t succeed in software development after a coding bootcamp. But what else can you do with your bootcamp experience if you are interested in staying in tech?

Technical Writer

To be a successful technical writer you need to be able to transform complex ideas into concise and clear documentation. Technical writers are found in almost every industry from construction, medicine, engineering, automotive, the list goes on. Since you went to a coding bootcamp…

And It wasn’t the end of the world

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The Build Up

I was interviewing for a UX Developer (what) role that a friend of mine from coding bootcamp recommended me for. I didn’t hear anything regarding the job for three weeks and figured that was that. Over the weekend a recruiter called me but didn’t specify why she was calling or how she got my name. When we finally connected I learned it was for the UX Developer role from before. …

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Are you thinking of enrolling in a coding bootcamp? I completed a 16 week, full-stack bootcamp in a major metropolitan area (though not in one of the tech hubs of the US) in October and wanted to share where my classmates ended up three months post-graduation.

The Numbers

We began with 18 students and finished with 15 in the cohort. Seven of us were females and the remaining eleven, male. I was incredibly impressed with the diversity of my cohort and our program’s interest in promoting said diversity. Six of the women who completed the program identified as some sort of minority…

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So you are using Node.js as your run-time environment and now need to decide which packages to work with in your project. If you don’t know what to look for, how will you know you are choosing the best package for what you need? Here are the things that I typically look for when choosing a package.

Check the license

A software license tells you, the user, what you can and cannot do with code. License information can quickly be found on the right hand side of the lower information panel in in a repository. Below is an example of an MIT license…

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Guess what? Not everyone is good at programming. Coding bootcamps sell themselves as education programs that can turn you into a hirable developer in a short amount of time. And guess what? Some people are natural programmers. Just like some people are naturally funny and some people are natural writers. Some people have the logical brain for programming. You can tell right away those special programmers from the rest of us.

Many of these coding bootcamps have a slogan similar to “We can teach anyone to code” and while yes, that is technically true, it isn’t that hard to throw…

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